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The next step on your healing journey awaits...

Are you ready to be lifted up and supported as you heal and come to a place where you can live in your truth, fulfilling your soul's mission? When we heal ourselves and live authentically, the light we bring into the world increases the healing energy for the greater good of all.

What does real healing look like?

There are thousands of books and programs out there, each promising to be THE THING you need to heal your life. While each healing modality or system is different, they are generally premised on increasing the amount of positive, light-filled energy present in one’s consciousness. The better systems support healing recipients in releasing problematic patterns and energy blocks that are inhibiting the flow of new, healing energy from being integrated into their energy field.

Disregarding trauma’s impact on our energetic fields is a flawed approach to healing. If someone were to read uplifting messages all day long, think only positive thoughts, and never have any experiences which would trigger old hurts in them ever again, then they could certainly get through the rest of their lives believing they were healed. Not only is this an impossible scenario for most of us, but it’s also only surface-level work, evidenced by the fact that many people serially pursue “spiritual healing” activities without experiencing profound inner changes for many years into their journeys, if at all.

Real healing is different.

It can be messy to unearth past traumas, to feel those feelings in a real, raw way, but we can’t let go of things we refuse to acknowledge. Doing that hard work means freeing up space within us which can then be filled with higher energies that promote wellness.

Are you ready to transform into your fullest, most authentic self?

I have been where you are, unsure of myself, confused about what I actually wanted in life, afraid of everything (especially of what other's thought about me), and feeling totally lost and somehow simultaneously stuck. It was no way to live, and I did it for far too long.

As a Certified Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor (certified to practice on both people and their companion animals), an accurate Intuitive Reader, an experienced Consultant, and an engaging Group Training Facilitator, I walk my talk when it comes to healing practices and getting unstuck from the effects of past traumas on one's present self. Honing my knowledge and skills with thousands of clients in various professional settings over the past twenty-five years, I feel truly blessed to support others through their own healing journeys.

Healing Facilitator

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